Arrays Story

Because why shop at a place you know NOTHING about, Right?!?! 

Let me fill ya in :)  

< This is me :)

I am originally from Grenada, MS & I lived in Southaven for about 10 years.  I loved Southaven & really enjoyed living there.  After I completed Nursing School ( & Graduated) I was unsuccessful with boards.  Between retaking my boards, I worked Part Time as a Sales Associate at Delias & was later promoted to Assistant Manager.  Fast Forward a few jobs & several years later - I realized  that being a nurse was just not meant to be for me.  During this time I loved my years of experience in retail & truly love helping my customers.  

[Quick Story for ya] I was working just like any other normal day when I asked a customer if I could help her find anything.  I knew she seemed upset, she agreed to let me help her.  I later found out that the 2 outfits I helped her pick out where MUCH MUCH MORE than "outfits."  One was for her dads funeral, while the other was for her husbands.  This was the day God spoke to me and said "Amanda, you can still use your passion for helping people.  Nursing was not My plan for you, This is your Path!"

It didn't take long before I knew something was missing.  I then made the decision to move back to my hometown, Grenada, so that I could  be closer to my family & peruse my dream of fashion & my passion of helping others.  In January of 2015 I officially moved back "Home" and I opened Array Boutique on April 11th 2015! I could not have done any of this with out first and foremost my Heavenly Father, and those pictured below! 

My Family - We are all so very close, we celebrate anything & everything just to be together.  My family never left my side while opening Array to assure that I had all the help I needed.  They are always here to help & do anything they can to support my business.  Being back in the "country" with them is a dream! I love this small town life style & being able to spend this time with them is priceless!  



My Husband...He is truly one of a kind.  The kind of man i thought was only in fairy tales.  I can not say enough good about him.  He is one of my biggest supporters and my very best friend!! There is never anything to small or to big he isnt willing to do to help me with my business or everyday life. He blessed me with my Bonus Son Jace and on October 12, 2021 we welcomed our daughter Haisley to the world.

Upon opening, I was overwhelmed at how many friends & strangers told me that "I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing" I truly hope that I can make a difference to atleast one person each day at Array Boutique.  Lets face it, we all love some good retail therapy, but sometimes we may need something & just need a little bit of extra help.  I strive to make your experience at Array Boutique everything but "Just another shopping trip" I want each & everyone of you to be completely comfortable here & enjoy your time with us to the fullest!  Everyone of you are a part of our Array Family & we truly love each & everyone of our customers.  


If you spent the time to read this, then you must care :)  I did not write this to encourage "sales" or for any other reason but to simply let you know who you are buying from.  Shopping Small is much more then a "sale" - you just may be the only person or sale that a small business has all day. Or maybe something you say to us, just might be just what we needed to hear that day. I can not tell you how many times a customer has came in & truly made a wonderful impact on my day & they may not even make a purchase.  Sales help, yes we have to make a living, but for me, its so much more then just a sale.  So thank you for taking the time to read this & thank you for being apart of our Array Fam!  I hope when you come in that you will have a wonderful experience with us and enjoy your time at Array! To our online shoppers, we may not get to interact with you as much, but we hope your online shopping experience is amazing & feel free to call us with any questions!!